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For prompt sales and service of Transco Lacquers in the United Kingdom and Europe please contact:

Transco Blanx LTD
Unit 18
Lambs Business Park
Terracota Road
South Godstone
United Kingdom
Tel: +44(0)1342 893 015
Fax: +44(0)1342 893 308

Transco Blanx

Single Sided Masters (SSM):

Apollo Masters Company manufactures Transco formula lacquer discs. We guarantee that the preferred side of any of our Master disc brands has a cutting area free from visual defects that will affect a styli cut. The preferred side is identified as the side without the stamped quality code. The non-preferred side, although frequently cuttable, may have physical defects in the cutting area. The cutting area is defined as the area 1" from the outside edge to 2" from the center.

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Return Policy:
If it is felt that lacquers have an unacceptable defect, please package and return them to Apollo Masters Corporation (AMC) so they can be evaluated. It is important to package them carefully so they arrive to AMC plant in an "as new condition". If the discs are used or damaged in a way where AMC cannot determine what the reported defect is, they will not be accepted for return. Lacquers will only be accepted back for credit or replacement from the original purchaser. Any returned lacquers will be evaluated and at AMC's sole discretion, determination will be made if the lacquers are eligible for replacement or credit. Lacquers returned to AMC may be subject to a 20% restocking fee. Because AMC does not have any control on storage conditions, shipping conditions, handling, or cutting technique, AMC will not accept any discs back that have been returned for processing issues. There are no other express or implied warranties, including no warranties of merchantability or fitness for use or purpose sold. AMC is not responsible for consequential, pecuniary, or incidental damages resulting from the use or improper functioning of the product, even if the loss or damage is caused by the negligence or other fault of AMC.

Please inspect your Transco styli carefully before using. Each stylus has been carefully inspected and photo serialized. If defects are found please notify AMC immediately for return or replacement. Styli are extremely delicate and can easily be damaged installing or in use for cutting lacquers. AMC will not warranty styli once they have been installed or used, there is no time warranty for how long a stylus will last. If it is felt a Transco stylus was defective after it has been installed or used, please return it to AMC for inspection. The returned styli will be evaluated and at AMC's sole discretion, determination will be made if styli are eligible for replacement or credit. Return claims will only be accepted from original purchaser.
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